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Together we can sell your house out!
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What is a Liquidation?

A “liquidation” is a way of selling off your items quickly without the trouble or wait of having a sale. In terms of what we consider a liquidation we define this as being a complete sale of all items for one price.

Do I have enough?

For our consideration of a liquidation we expect there to be a household full of items for our consideration. If, however, there is a smaller amount that you would like to sell without the hassle of a sale we consider that a buyout. For more details on a buyout please check out the buyout page.

How do we begin?

You have made up your mind that “Liquidation” is the best option for your situation and would like us to see if we can help you. Now what? Now comes the fun part! Send us the information so we can decide for ourselves if we think we can help you or give you other options to chose from that we provide.

Contact Us with details pertaining to your sale providing as much detail as possible.

*At this time we do not have upload attached to our forms but we will soon. In the meantime, once contacted a request will be made for photos via email. ~ Thank you for your patience. 

In regards to the terminology, it can be rather confusing believe me we know. Liquidations in our sense refers to businesses more so than residential personal property. When a company liquidates they are downsizing or closing a location with display equipment, racks, and office furniture more so than nick nacks and statues. The great thing about it is that we really don’t mind what terminology you use so long as you give us an idea of what it is you are trying to sell. We may just buy from you on the spot! Who knows!


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Believe have enough items.


Believe should wait to have sale.


Believe in selling without a sale!

What does this all mean?

As you can see from the percentages, most people didn't realize they could sell off all their items without even conducting a sale. Which for some people is a relief since their communities don't allow for any type of sales (even garage sales).

I don't want people coming into my home. What can you do for me?

No problem! We know how hard it can be and nerve wrecking it is to have strangers step foot in your house. Thankfully, we have experience in so many regards when it comes to options that will enable you to sell your items without anyone stepping foot inside your home. Don't worry - Let's talk and see what we can come up with together to find a solution that will help you remove the things you no longer want or need.

Contact us or give us a call at (708)698-1155 ask for Barb, let's talk.

Our company decided to move across the country. When we asked Barb for help getting rid of the items we thought it would be such a hassle, but she had a crew come in to remove everything in one afternoon. It was so easy!


I never realized I didn't need to have a sale to sell off all my items. My area doesn't allow for estate sales so I thought I was stuck until Barb gave me so many options. I really thought I was stuck.

Thank you so much Barb!

Patricia C.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Give us a call at (708) 698-1155 ask for Barb!

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