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What is a Consignment?

Consignment is the ability to maximize the profit of an item by selling the piece through us for a short limit of time. If you would rather sell something that we would not purchase from you outright or if you do not have enough to sell for an Estate Sale then “Consignment may be your best option.

Do I have enough?

“Consignments” do not require many pieces for us to take into consideration this option, just one item is enough for us.

How do we begin?

You have made up your mind that “Consignment is the best option for your situation and would like us to see if we can help you. Now what? Now comes the fun part! Send us the information so we can decide for ourselves if we think we can help you or give you other options to chose from that we provide.

Contact Us with details pertaining to your sale providing as much detail as possible.

*At this time we do not have upload attached to our forms but we will soon. In the meantime, once contacted a request will be made for photos via email. ~ Thank you for your patience. 

Ready to begin? Click on the button below to reach our Contact Us Page.

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