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What is an Estate Sale?

An “Estate Sale” is a way of reducing the items within your or a family member’s household usually as a result of downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death. Unlike a garage or yard sale, an “Estate Sale” usually consists of more items or different kinds of items otherwise found in standard garage and yard sales.

Do I have enough?

Ready to get started? WAIT!

Before we go through the process of setting up for an Estate Sale let’s make sure you have enough items to sell and that your location is suitable to conduct the sale. To figure this out we devised a checklist of sorts to determine is having an Estate Sale would be something to consider as an option to meet your hopes and needs.

FIRST – Who do these items belong to? 

It may sound a little presumptuous but a lot of assumptions about the possession of items may not always be what they seem. For instance, in the matter of a divorce often times the two parties have gone through the legal battle and now are in this whole new phase, the post nightmare phase is what often find to be the case. In this instance the attorney’s have battled everything out and the courts decided who gets what, now you are tasked with removing the items and dividing the estate. Not so fast… for us to help you in this instance we need to be sure you are legally able to sell the items and that you are the one we give the money to when the sale is completed. In other words, Are you the person in charge of selling these items? When in doubt – ASK YOUR LAWYER. 

If there is a death in the family, downsizing, bankruptcy, or moving, we need to speak with the ONE person that will be in charge of discussing the sale. This person needs to be the one to decide on the specifics and discuss with us what to do with items left after the sale. This is also the person that will get the check at the end so this person needs to be the ONE and only person we talk to about the sale. IF you need to discuss these issues with other people and need to get back to us then we find these types of sales not very productive in terms of meeting deadlines or getting decisions made when we need them. Also, we don’t divide your check for you – that’s something you have to do. Not us.

SECOND – Where will this sale be held?

Do NOT assume that just because your town allows garage sales you can have an Estate Sale. That may not always be the case. These are very different types of sales with very different types of procedures that occur to make them happen, which in some communities Estate Sales become way too inconvenient for other residents. For instance, if you live in a gated community, senior community, or township that has regulation restrictions on various types of sales conducted in homes, these areas may allow for an occasional garage sale, if you are lucky, or they may not allow one at all. This creates a problem since Estate Sales are conducted within and outside the residence of the location of the items to be sold. 

Another issue could arise from sales located with condominium complexes and townhouses. Although these residental areas are adequate for garage sales the volume of persons entering and leaving the residence may be beyond the scope of the intentions of the township. Which creates issues in parking, violations with customers being towed or ticketed for entering the area too early to stand in line, etc. 

FINALLY – All the items within the home when we come to accept the sale MUST BE FOR SALE.

Here’s an issue we see all the time when we come to a residence to decide to accept an Estate Sale – is this all the items that will be for sale during the Estate Sale. I know this sounds silly but often times the items we see when we come to a residence is NOT all that is for sale. For instance, you and your relatives haven’t decided what items you will keep after your loved one has passed. For us to come out we need to have all the items completely gone through and decided upon what is staying for the sale and what is going prior to the sale. Any item removed from the home after we consent to do a sale and prior to the sale will be charged as though they are sold. Here’s why: we already start working as soon as the paperwork is signed. We start researching the piece, conduct a full assessment of the piece, and work on what we need to do to make it ready for the sale. That’s all when we sign the papers! Think what happens on day two! 

*For more information on the terms and conditions of our sales please consult your welcome packet and contract documentation during our interview. Remember to ask questions prior to signing anything.

How do we begin?

You have made up your mind that an Estate Sale is the best option for your situation and would like us to see if we can help you. Now what? Now comes the fun part! Send us the information so we can decide for ourselves if we think we can help you or give you other options to chose from that we provide.

Contact Us with details pertaining to your sale providing as much detail as possible.

*At this time we do not have upload attached to our forms but we will soon. In the meantime, once contacted a request will be made for photos via email. ~ Thank you for your patience. 

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