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Getting Ready for Garage Sale Season

Getting Ready for Garage Sale Season

I find myself constantly going through the items inside my cabinets and drawers thinking over and over again, “Do I really need this?” It may be hard to fathom the possibility of getting rid of some things with the off chance of having to one day need that item that has been sitting in the draw for years untouched, but maybe… just maybe today is the day you finally use it. Let’s face it, chances are if you haven’t touched it by now you probably won’t touch it any time soon. So rather than let it sit in the draw – sell it!

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My hobby has been for the longest time collecting Pampered Chef which can be an expensive endeavor if you have any knowledge of the products you know certainly well what I mean. Though the products themselves come in handy for many things including: pitting your cherries or cutting the grapefruit with the special utensil. What happens when you’re no longer allowed grapefruit? or if you do not feel like getting the pitter utensil out to do each and every cherry in the bag you bought? If you’re like me, you find a drawer full of products that just take up space as well as your hard earned money.

Summer is the ideal condition for Garage Sales. Time to spend the weekend selling off the items you no longer need or use in your house and spend that cash on something you may actually need – like a vacation to the beach! Curling your toes in the sand as the water cascades along the shoreline while you relax on that beach chair you always wanted but could not get because you had a drawer full of wasted treasures instead. Hmmm it is an easy decision in my book – vacation with toes in sand while I relax in the chair I always wanted. Set up the Garage Sale for this weekend! I want my trip asap.

Hold on just yet! Setting up a Garage Sale requires planning and consideration along with the know how to figure out the best price for that Pampered Chef pitter. Let us focus on a few things to consider when planning your Garage Sale…

When? You decide the stuff wasting away in the closets and drawers along with everywhere else in the house needs to go. Figuring out when to have your sale is essential. You do not want to deal with a holiday weekend when everyone will be out trying to find their own oasis, then again maybe you do want to have it over a holiday weekend because the neighborhood you live in is having a block party on that specific holiday. Have it or do not have it, that’s the tricky question we need to consider when setting up for a Garage Sale.

Where? Have it in the Garage or in the Yard? Since this article is about Garage Sales let us focus on Garage for the location. A lot of people like to put items on the driveway, this I find to be rather a lot of work but if you need the space have at it.

Conditions? Opt for a time when you won’t be so hot it becomes unbearable to be outside. No matter the when remember you are the one sitting in the sun for hours on end with no air conditioning. Make sure you can handle the conditions – no matter what they are.

There you have it! Good luck with your Garage Sale and be sure to research your items prior to putting a price tag on them. Never know what treasures you already have in your closet.

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